Queenie Talks Sting Clash, Her Husband Cheating, Shoplifting, and Popcaan – Watch Video

December 24, 2022

Queen Ladi Gangsta says that there can only be one queen, as she spoke about the Sting clash she is slated to take part in against fellow deejay Amari. However, Queenie has expressed that she will merely acknowledge Amari on December 26, but she did not see the event as a clash. Speaking to hosts Ari and Naro on The Fix podcast, Queenie explained that her interest was not in competing in a clash but in showcasing her talent. 

“I am not looking at it as any clash, cause you know what, there is no competition for the queen…. Mi just ago acknowledge har caz she exists, but mi nah clash wid har. Mi cyaa badda wid di hankey pankey…” Queenie stated.


Queenie, born Janese Espeut, sees herself as an “all-purpose” woman who goes through many stages. With her current stage being an artiste, she wishes to advance her musical career. During the fun interaction, she also reflected on her childhood and her dreams of becoming famous when she was younger. She went on to talk about travelling to England on vacation at a younger age.

The Double Tap singer indicated that she overstayed her time and started shoplifting. Though she made away with the items on occasion, she was caught red-handed many times. In all of her 52 years of living, she has been arrested 29 times.

Queenie went on to share that she did plastic surgery on her breasts twice and talked about her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett. Speaking about her husband, she noted that nothing in life came easy, and she had no intention of divorcing her husband, who cheated on her. When asked if she had ever considered cheating out of spite, she gave an affirmative response.

“Nuff time, but a just inna mi mind, not inna mi heart,” she explained, adding that she would never actually do it. “Mi try fi get the best, and whatever come, whether it’s a mess, it’s my husband and mi married for better or for worse,” she later said. 

She subsequently touched on the previous drama she had with Popcaan, explaining that he appeared where she was standing with Beenie Man, so she acknowledged him. However, her happy demeanour and greeting were not reciprocated. Nevertheless, the queen continued to say that she was still fond of the St Thomas deejay.

Watch the interview with Queenie below:



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