Queenie Tells Haters To Come Take Her Husband

Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 8:34 PM

Queenie gave haters a message over the weekend after feeling she was being bombarded by their aggressive messages and lies about her relationship with her husband Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett.

The ‘Double Tap’ artiste revealed screenshots of messages she received that indicated her marriage was a scam, her husband didn’t love her, he was cheating, he left her and she was putting on a public façade that she was happily married.


The entertainer Janese Espeut, widely known as Queenie Lady Gangsta, responded to these messages with videos declaring to everyone that they can take her husband if they want him. The videos which showed Queenie using expletives to express that her haters could not destroy her and her husband was free for the taking, started rumours that the marriage might be crumbling.

However, days after their one year wedding anniversary, she is now shutting down the rumours of divorce.

In an interview with The Star Tuesday, Janese explained that her response was only meant to give the haters more to talk about, but her relationship was still very strong.

“My husband is right here. Some people just like to come into my DMs and say horrible things. Dem private call mi, dem WhatsApp mi, so mi just have enough and post them fi mek everybody share it up. Since dem know more than me, mi just give them something fi talk,” she stated.

She also explained that her spouse suggested that she no longer posted him on her page, which she has agreed to no longer do. Saying that people were jealous of them and their antics, Queenie added that she only now be focusing on herself on the page and she knew that with God’s grace she and her husband would “pull through”.

The issue arose after Queenie and Scarlett, who is 20 years her junior, returned to Jamaica which was where they celebrated their anniversary. On Tuesday was also the 32nd birthday of her daughter Sunitha ‘Rushel’ Lamey. Lamey died from complications related to womb cancer last October.

The artiste admitted that she gets emotional at times, her family and her “Royal Crazies” gives her many support so she was capable of balancing her life being that she has a positive mindset

Additionally, Queenie has plans to resume her music career in 2022 and even dedicates a song to her daughter. 

She explained that she believed God gave her a husband so she could go through trials and turn her life around. She also stated she knew God will be calling her soon as she has a strong faith and being anointed is keeping her stronger.

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