RajahWild Throws “Powder” Substance in Air During Performance – Watch Video

Sunday, March 3, 2024, 4:11 PM

Dancehall artiste RajahWild stunned some of his fans when he threw a powdery substance into the air during his performance.

The deejay was performing his song, Powder, which glorifies obeah and scamming, at what appeared to be a recent event. However, the exact venue and date are unclear.


A video captured by a member of the audience emerged on Sunday, showing the captivated patrons and the “sinful” entertainer tossing powder into the air while deejaying, “Spray on di potion, sprinkle di powder, guzu dung, yuh nuh smell eh money odor.”

The unexpected act left one patron staring in shock, while another was left smiling.

Watch the video of RajahWild below:

After the video was shared on Instagram on Sunday, one viewer said, “Everybody get wul yah now.”

Another viewer stated, “Lmao guzzu nuff n it never hard fi guzzu uno dung😂😂😂.”

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