Rapper Cardi B Blast The United Nations For Staying Silent On The Slave Trade Boom In Libya

Rapper Cardi B is attacking the United Nations for what she calls their silence in the face of the dehumanizing slave trade going on in Libya.

The rapper said the United Nations have refused to make the issue in Libya their priority because they are benefitting from it.

The world’s most vulnerable, fleeing war and poverty back home, are being abused and auctioned off as slaves – a shocking danger facing migrants and refugees in Libya.

It has been reported that hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day slave markets in Libya for as little as $400.

Libya is the main transit hub for refugees and migrants attempting to reach southern Europe by sea. They are coming from countries like Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast,, Gambia, Senegal, Sudan and Somalia.

The power vacuum in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling a booming trade.

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19 Comments on "Rapper Cardi B Blast The United Nations For Staying Silent On The Slave Trade Boom In Libya"

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Tantan Jonhson

So sad

Jody Brown

Dis is still going on too sad thou

George Green

This is the organs trade industry because most of these people will at some point disappear without a trace organs removed and dumped or burn after something drastically is needed to be done about this situation all nations should be ready to just fly down thier and disassemble this work of evil and put all that is associated with this before a firing squad with immediate effect

Shane Wright

Right now I’ll fight for free… Call me text me email me any time cause right now my index finger a jump

Anthony Francis

Real fucking Jamaican am with u dawg???