Rapper Jim Jones Fights Two Men in Airport

American rapper and record executive Jim Jones was involved in a physical altercation with two men on an escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, USA.

The incident, caught on camera and released on May 4, shows an ongoing fight between the three men near the bottom of the escalator. At the beginning of the video, Jim Jones is seen flipping one of the men further down the escalator, resulting in a collision with an elderly man standing nearby.


The man seemingly falls on the elderly man’s foot, causing him to fall to the ground. The altercation continues with Jim throwing punches at the men.

Shortly after, a woman turns off the escalator, and voices protesting the fight are heard. When the police arrive, they pull Jim Jones away from the men, prompting him to declare his innocence, stating, “It’s two of them against me. They’re jumping me.”

As Jim Jones is seated in a chair, one of the men, with a bloody forehead, shows reluctance to cooperate with the sheriff’s deputy. The video also shows a few people attending to the elderly man, who remains on the ground, seemingly in pain.

According to TMZ, Jim Jones claimed he was initially minding his own business and defending himself. However, it remains unclear what initiated the altercation.

Watch the video of Jim Jones below:

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