Ray J Says Kim Kardashian’s Mother ‘Kris’ Watched And Chose Which Sextape To Release

Ray J, given name William Ray Norwood Jr., is an American singer/actor/businessman and TV personality that represented the other half of the duo in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape back in 2007 (released by Vivid), he is sticking by his claim that the tape was a business partnership with the now famous reality show star. The claim states that the “leaked” tape was actually a release on their part to boost their careers. Ray states that he has a contract with both his and Kim’s signature to show that it was a consensual collaboration.

Ray also says that there are a total of two tapes and the one titled “Santa Barbra Sex” (the released tape was dubbed ‘ Kim Kardashian: Superstar) was set up by Kim’s mom Kristen (Kris) Mary Jenner as a “safety” precaution and it is now being used to “play” him. Ray alleges that Kris watched the videos and had final say on which one of them would be released to the public. “We’ll go with the first one cuz the first one is better. It gives my daughter a better look than the second one that I made ya’ll go do,” is what Ray says that Kris said to rule out the other video initially.

He outlined that Kris took a lie detector test with a fraud to clear her name even though she was the instigator of the entire project. Kristen Jenner appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show with James Corden, where she was strapped to a lie detector machine and answered that she did not help Kim to release her sex tape. Commenters on twitter remarked on how shocked Kris looked to have the test state that she was being truthful about not being involved.

The American singer/songwriter took to his Instagram live on Saturday night as promised to speak his truth. He stated Kris messed with the wrong black man and he was going to proceed with the case legally without speaking out, before he changed his mind. He voiced that he was tired of being the scapegoat for Kris and Kim and that if everyone already believes the mother daughter duo, then he has nothing to lose by speaking out.

Ray J declared that he would present all the evidence that he has against Kim and her mother so that he can clear up any misunderstandings with hard facts. Stating that the man who administered the lie detector test is a fraud, Ray urges the public to google his name and see what pops up. He is no longer going to sit back and have them ruin his name and career, if only for the sake of his kids and their opinions of him.

He plans to sue Kim and Kris for defamation (after he had initially resigned to not making anything of the situation) because they stated in an episode of The Kardashians (on Hulu) that when the video was made, Kim was asleep, and Ray started to fondle her with a sex toy without her consent. He admits to making the tape because he was young and “lit”, and takes full responsibility for that, but stands first in his claims that it was a group effort which they all made a lot of money from.

After watching his videos about why he stayed quiet for so long and the reason why he was reintroducing the issue, a commenter said, “Long overdue! Don’t let them railroad you no more. Just sue them,” and someone else stated, “I believe you 🌺 they need to stop bringing your name up and not respecting your family and children.”

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