Reack Releases Official Audio For Single, “Protection Prayer”

Monday, September 26, 2022, 6:01 PM

Rising reggae and dancehall artiste “Reack”, released the official audio for a conscious and positive meditation called, “Protection Prayer” which was produced by Dante Records.

Throughout the single, Reack maintains that praying to God and getting guidance and protection is the ultimate blessing. Flowing effortlessly on the beat, the entertainer sings about the evil spirits that lurk in the flesh whilst asking for refuge from the negativity stemming from those persons whom he has to encounter in life.


“When me touch the road tonight, me a beg yuh mek mi come back with me life mek it alright, jah jah mek it alright. Evil spirit deh a road a walk demons ina flesh, Jah the giver of life mi a beg yuh fi protect,” Reack sings.

He continues, “Evil spirit deh a road a walk demons ina flesh, Jah the giver of life mi a beg yuh fi protect. Dem si wi a progress dem wah wi crash and pop we neck, before dem seh life dem seh death. Mommy keep praying for me, while me pray for meself cant dweet alone Jah mi need fi yuh help in all that is good all that is well need yuh protection cause we never can tell.”

Reack resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been making music for several years. He currently has two other songs in his catalogue titled, “It a work” and “Tek back wi country”. The artiste also is a profound lover of music and aspires to continue making strides in the genre, as he aims to inspire and make a name for himself on a global level.

Photo of Reack

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