‘Love Triangle’ The Reason for 14yo’s Brutal Beating from Group? Mother Gives Details – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 3, 2024, 10:47 AM

Following the violent attack on a 14-year-old girl in Clarendon, her mother, Tan, shared that the teen was allegedly brutally beaten because the attackers could not get to her.

The teen was attacked in Havana Heights, Clarendon, on Saturday. Following the attack, footage taken by a bystander who watched and filmed the violent beating as it unfolded later circulated online. Multiple older women could be seen unleashing their wrath on the girl, beating her until she lost consciousness on the street.


After the release of the video, some questioned what the child could have done to initiate such a violent attack. But Tan has since shared that her daughter is an innocent victim who was targeted by the women because they could not get to her.

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According to reports from TVJ News, the victim’s mother’s boyfriend is also in a relationship with another woman. That woman’s mother and relatives were allegedly behind the attack.

Tan disclosed that her daughter was attacked by four adults after she went to visit a friend. After they confirmed that the girl was her daughter, one of the women reportedly stated, “Yuh know how long mi wah hole yuh madda?” and then spat on her.

The teen fled but was allegedly pursued by a boy who caught her and brought her back, and the group of women proceeded to beat her. Tan went on to share that her daughter went in and out of consciousness during her visit to the hospital and experienced memory loss, momentarily forgetting who her mother was.

Further sharing the results of the attack, Tan said her daughter pleaded for her help, stating, “Mommy, help me. Please don’t let me die.” Following the incident, five of the alleged female attackers were taken into custody by the police.

Watch the video below.

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