Remains of Two Children Found in Suitcases

August 18, 2022

Following a New Zealand family’s gruesome discovery of two human corpses within suitcases they purchased, the remains have now been identified as two children.

Reports state that the South Auckland family purchased a trailer-load of goods, which included the suitcases, at an auction at a local storage company last Thursday. They were reportedly sold in an attempt to empty a storage unit of abandoned items. Similar auctions often do not allow bidders to examine the objects before making a purchase, and the family did not discover the remains until they arrived home. According to Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua, the family had no connection to the deaths and were distressed.


Vaaelua stated that two suitcases of similar size were used to conceal the children. It is believed the children’s remains had been in storage for several years, and they were between the ages of five and ten when they died. Investigators have carefully inspected the storage unit and the property where the suitcases were taken. They are reviewing hours of CCTV footage and using personal and home items discovered with the cases in an effort to identify the deceased children. However, detectives are concerned that significant events have been erased because of the length of time that has passed.

“The nature of this discovery provides some complexities to the investigation, especially given the time lapsed between the time of death and the time of discovery,” Vaaelua stated.

Detective Vaaelua added that they were making good progress with DNA inquiries and working with the international criminal police agency Interpol, even though it is believed that the victims’ families are in New Zealand.

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