ReniGAD Speaks on Fallout with Delomar and RDX Split – Watch Interview

Once One-half of the popular dancehall duo RDX, ReniGAD is now steadfast on his journey as a solo artiste, with seemingly no path of reconciliation available for him and his former groupmate Delomar. An outcome RenigGAD has described as the product of Delomar’s multiple missteps in their friendship, such as revealing to his girlfriend that he was cheating.

Delomar has previously shared his version of events that led to RDX’s split. The artiste explained on the Lets Be Honest podcast that he ultimately had to part ways with ReniGAD after he refused to apologise for disrespecting him during an interview with The Fix Podcast.

However, on his most recent appearance on The Fix Podcast, ReniGAD alleged that his previous interview was a hoax. According to the Twerk deejay, he and Delomar agreed to stage a feud as a publicity stunt, but Delomar, whom he described as a coward, “chickened out.”

ReniGAD also shared that Delomar was disloyal, both in their friendship and their professional relationship. Recounting Delomar’s unforgivable past offences, ReniGAD said Delomar went behind his back to his ex-girlfriend and exposed his many cheating escapades.

He explained that his ex had recorded the conversation between them, so there was no doubt that Delomar had broken his trust.

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In regards to how his one-time friend had ruined their professional relationship, ReniGAD shared with The Fix that Delomar had cut him out of a deal made for RDX to perform in Nicaragua.

Watch the interview below.


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