River Body Massage Business Booming in Jamaica; Draws Massive International Attention

In the idyllic landscape of Jamaica, a unique business has been making waves – quite literally. Videos of overseas visitors, primarily from America, indulging in body massages by the river have taken social media by storm.

The trend, which has captivated the interest of both tourists and online viewers, showcases the allure of an authentic experience that blends nature and relaxation.

Operated by skilled rafters, this distinct form of massage takes place on bamboo rafts that lay and navigate on the serene rivers of Jamaica. Guests are treated to a revitalising limestone massage, focusing on their hands and feet, providing a refreshing connection with the elements.

However, the allure doesn’t stop there; an intriguing twist to the experience is the option for a more comprehensive treatment. This treatment includes hands-on massages, which involve the inclusion of butt massages.

See one of the videos below:


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And also.


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For many foreigners, the opportunity to partake in a river body massage in Jamaica has become a must-do experience.

The videos posted online have ignited diverse reactions within the online community. While some viewers have voiced concerns about the perceived class of those seeking these unique massages, others are fascinated by the novelty and expressed a desire to experience it themselves.


The rafters who provide the massages have earned praise from locals who admire their enviable profession.

See some of the comments below:

Body Massage Comments

See more videos of body massages done on the river below:


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