River Rafting Antics Continues: Woman Twerks on Bamboo Raft – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 11:11 AM

The fun and excitement of river rafting, which kicked off with many tourists creating a party-like experience along the Rio Grande River in the summer, still lingers in the October air, resulting in more antics at this popular attraction.



Although summer is long gone and the Christmas season is approaching, tourists are still coming out in their bikinis at the Rio Grande to experience the famous limestone massage.

In a new video that shows the recent happenings at the popular river, a woman and a raftman are spotted having an incredible time dancing to a raunchy song. The woman was lying face down on a bamboo raft, jiggling her butt while the raftman did some dance moves of his own.

In the video, the woman’s butt and legs are plastered with limestone paste, and the man coats her skin with more of the paste made from the river rocks.

Watch the video of the woman and the raftman below:


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