Robert Livingston Prepared to Take Legal Action Against Shaggy for Defamation – Watch Interview

In the continuation of his two-part interview with Entertainment Report’s Anthony Miller, Shaggy’s former manager, Robert Livingston, further discussed his fallout with the artiste and the possibility of a lawsuit.

Livingston, who worked with the artiste for over two decades, shared the reservations he had about Shaggy’s global hit It Wasn’t Me. According to Livingston, they had already released two failed singles, and it was extremely important that their next single be a success. Shaggy had absolute faith in the song and pushed for its release, so Livingston convinced the artiste to release the version of the single with Rik Rok, whom he had removed on previous versions.


The Big Yard Music founder said that the good decisions that he made, which helped build Shaggy’s illustrious career, have never been recognised by the Oh Carolina singer. But despite their differences, Livingston believes that their shared history may possibly lead to a mending of their relationship.

Livingston said he is not afraid to admit the mistakes he made during their partnership, as he will not pretend to be the wisest in the industry, but questioned which average Jamaican could have achieved his accomplishments. He urged Shaggy to speak the truth and said he believed the artiste found fault with their partnership because he had too much power as his manager.

“…He said that everything is in my name [ … ] I signed you. It’s not like I was your friend. I signed you as a businessman, so you gotta look back. Yes, it’s gonna be my name. The American Express going to be in my name. Everything’s gonna be in my name,” Livingston stated.

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Livingston added that he would no longer sit and allow his reputation to be slandered, and if Shaggy continues his alleged accusations that he was robbed, he is prepared to take legal action.

Watch the interview below.

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