Ruffi-Ann Faces Charges of Illegal Possession of Firearm and Trafficking of Marijuana

Dancehall singer Ruffi-Ann was arrested and is facing several charges following a search that resulted in the discovery of an illegal handgun, ammunition, and marijuana at her property.

On May 20, Ruffi-Ann and her co-accused, Daniel Gutzmore, were taken into custody after the police conducted a search following a tip. Reports detail that the police found five pounds of marijuana, two magazines with 19 rounds of ammo, and a pistol concealed in a drawer.

Ruffi-Ann, born Sharon Peterkin, and Gutzmore, who was visiting her at the time of the search, were both charged with illegal possession of a firearm, unauthorized possession of ammunition, and possession and trafficking of marijuana.

The defendants appeared in court on Friday; Ruffi-Ann was detained, while Gutzmore was given bail in the amount of $300,000 with the condition that he surrender his passport and report to the Portmore police every week.

Ruffi-Ann, born Sharon Peterkin, said that she had the illegal weapon for protection because her licensed gun was taken by the Firearm Licensing Authority.

In September 2016, Ruffi-Ann was reported missing, and she suddenly returned seemingly two weeks later without any explanation of what happened.

Ruffi-Ann and Gutzmore, who are facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years, should return to court on June 16.

Ruffi-Ann, formerly known as Lady Shabba, has a popular song entitled Stick To You Man, which was produced by Steelie and Clevie.

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