Rvssian Drops “Switch” Music Video Featuring Skeng, The Video Shoot He Broke His Arm In

Record producer and singer Rvssian has released his collaboration with dancehall deejay Skeng, entitled Switch. The Shane Creative-directed video was posted to YouTube hours ago, accompanied by the official visuals.

The video, which was shot in several scenes during the daytime, shows the two artistes standing outside an apartment building filled with people. A group is shown holding a poster promoting Skeng’s Beast Of The Era EP while he parties with them. In the video, motorcyclists perform stunts as does Rvssian doing tricks on a truck by riding on the side and sitting on the hood while it drives.

On November 27, he shared that he broke his arm, which turned out to be while he was shooting this music video. The producer dropped a video on Instagram, showing the video shoot and his attempt to jump off the moving truck. The video transitioned to an X-ray of his arm, and then it showed his hand was in a sling. The video, which consisted of Kraff’s Sleep Walk in the audio, was captioned “How it started vs how it ended.”

That scene was obviously not added to the official music video. In Switch, Vybz Kartel kicked off the intro before Rvssian and Skeng started singing interchangeably. The producer first says, “See mi dawg switch up, mi put di switch pan di Glock. When we pull up, everything get cap.”

Jumping on the next line, the Ratty Gang Boss sings while holding a red bat, “Senseless, duncebat, we nuh tek chat. Tell a just-come seh a long time we mad.” While Rvssain sings about hitting the streets with his “stainless,” rocking Louis Vuitton and girls popping Molly, Skeng goes on to talk about being psychotic and cutting throats.

Watch Rvssian’s Switch music video featuring Skeng below:

Watch the video of Rvssian breaking his arm below:

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