Rygin King Learning How to Walk Again in Therapy – Watch Video

Despite the hurdles that have been thrown in his path, dancehall artiste Rygin King has shown consistency and determination, both in the pursuit of his musical endeavours and his goal to walk again. In a rare look into his therapy routine, the artiste has shared his journey to walk once again on his own.

King, born Mathew Smith, was shot three times in June 2020. He was one of the multiple victims involved in a shooting in the Struie district of Westmoreland that left his manager’s wife dead and the artiste partially paralyzed. King’s son and daughter, who were also at the scene of the incident, were unarmed. The Tuff deejay underwent multiple surgeries and slowly returned to the music scene.


Despite his diagnosis, King has maintained that he is not disabled and has remained optimistic about the possibility of walking again. Though he has expressed in the past that he was paranoid about the public seeing him in a wheelchair, King has opened up to his fans on social media and shared a clip from one of his therapy sessions on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

Aided by his trainer, the entertainer can be seen wearing a mechanical leg brace and exoskeleton while using a wheeled walker to make his way across the room.

King received a number of positive messages from his fellow dancehall artistes in the comment section, such as Teejay, Jahshii, I-Octane, and sprint legend turned music producer Usain Bolt.

Featured in the video was King’s song Circumstances, one of the singles from his album Therapy, which was released in 2022. In the single Circumstances, King speaks about his struggles after getting shot, and the artiste has described his album as the only means of therapy used to deal with the trauma from the shooting.

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