Rygin King Shares Exclusive Details On Onstage TV About Life After Paralysis, Album ‘Therapy’ And The Way Forward – Watch Video

August 28, 2022

Dancehall entertainer Rygin King recently did an exclusive interview with Winford Williams on Onstage TV, in which he shared details surrounding his life after the attempted assassination two years ago, paralysis and his album, “Therapy”.

To start, Williams questioned Rygin on the extent of his disability, however, this term was quickly shut down by the artiste who asserted that he is not disabled, but is unable to do certain things. He also implied that doctors have diagnosed him with the worst, yet is optimistic about the possibility of walking again, stating that he believes in God and that a miracle will happen.


The Montego Bay artiste mentioned that before the near-death incident, he had a thriving career in music, one that was on the verge of reaching the ultimate level of success. He added that though the ordeal was an unfortunate one, he has persevered and plans to use his experience to motivate others who have gone through similar.

Furthermore, Rygin disclosed that he was “paranoid” and “traumatized” about the reaction he would get from the public if they knew that he was conformed to a wheelchair. He indicated that this is the reason why it was kept private for such a long time, but eventually decided to turn the tables and say something first.

The question was also posed on whether the ‘Tuff’ entertainer knew that there was a target on his life, in which he declared that he was just a normal ghetto youth who was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He said that he has recalled the moment on many occasions and has not been able to decide on what he would want to change from that day. He explained this statement further to say that no one knows what the future holds and maybe, worse would have happened.

“No mi no feel like seh mi is a youth weh mi have enemy. Mi a no one a dem youth deh. Mi is just a Garrison youth weh get caught up ina one unfortunate situation,” Rygin King said.

The “Trap Dancehall” deejay maintains that he still does not feel safe and fails to trust people since. He shared that his album, “Therapy” was produced by himself with his record label, Rygin Trap Records. More so, though the album name would suggest that the entertainer sought help from a professional to deal with the trauma, he confirmed that this was never done.

“Yuh si di album, a dat me use therapy me mind, mi never go a therapist,” he said.


Rygin King continued by proclaiming his versatility in music and notified fans to look out for a Reggae Album in the future.

Watch the full interview below:

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