Rygin King’s Alleged Baby Mother Says The Artiste Pulled A Gun On Her After She Confronted Him About Their Child Missing A Tooth – Watch Video

A woman who claims to be the baby mother of dancehall artiste Rygin King says her 2-year-old baby lost a tooth while in the care of Rygin King, and after she confronted the Therapy artiste, he pulled a gun on her.

The woman also showed a picture of what appears to be an injury inflicted upon her baby.

The woman went live to seemingly expose Rygin King’s inactions to notify her immediately following the baby’s injury; according to the mother, “Alright, benefit a the doubt you say the baby drop you say the kid drop and bruise up him face why you never feel like seh it necessary fi you call me and tell me seh the baby front teeth drop out, tell me why you never find it necessary.”

As the mother continued a heartfelt rant, she address the dancehall entertainer for allegedly waving a gun at her by revealing, “And when you see me a while ago you go point out gun out a window like nobody fraid a you breda yuh inna wheelchair yuh inna wheelchair what is wrong with you me nuh fraid a yuh me doh fraid a yuh bro, me doh fraid a you and me go report you you too out a order.”

The mother also says Rygin King and his girlfriend are always ‘trying’ her from the birth of her child as she declared that this is the last time and will be going to the police to report the incident.

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However, the mother did admit that accidents do occur, but what made her angry was the fact the baby’s father did not notify her the moment the incident occurred which made her doubt it was an accident, plus the reaction of Rygin King allegedly pointing a gun at her.

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See the video below:

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