Rytikal Encourages Artistes To Record Less “Choppa” and Oral Sex Songs

Dancehall artiste Rytikal who now goes by the moniker Purytikal, a name that was added to represent “purity” in his music going forward, went on Instagram Live to encourage artistes to diversify their music and incorporate more positivity.

“Big up the artiste dem weh trust dem self and never mek nobody mek dem divert from dem part to success, yuh understand? Anuh one ting alone can sing bout, sing bout a flowers, lowe the chapping part a it and the gal suck off hood and u know dah style deh. Dem sumn deh nuh haffi sing bout ina every song. D whole a we know seh gal a suck off hood,” Rytikal expressed as he urged young artistes to voice more constructive songs that the masses can easily gravitate to.


In the video, the budding young artiste encouraged artistes to be more mindful of the type of music that they record. To convey this point, Rytikal mentioned that the minds of young children are more susceptible to what they hear, therefore, singing songs glorifying oral sex may contribute to them wanting to try the act also.

Earlier this year, the St. Thomas native who was most known for violent and raunchy songs such as ‘Cookie Jar’, ‘Murder Story’, and ‘King Inna War’, made the shocking announcement in an interview with host, Winford Williams on the entertainment program Onstage, that he will be recording music that is more uplifting and relatable to people.

“The music will be positivity only, yuh nah guh hear nobody else other than Rytikal, just Purytikal, purity,” he assured. “You will be getting a better Rytikal, better lyrics, a positive person that’s for sure, people will be looking at life differently,” stated the young artiste in his Onstage interview.

Watch Rytikal’s recorded Instagram Live video below:

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