Saudi Arabia’s $8 Billion Floating Turtle-Shaped City For 2041 – Watch Video

Sunday, December 18, 2022, 1:30 PM

In Western Asia, Saudi Arabia will welcome a new turtle-shaped city that floats on the ocean. The massive futuristic ship is titled the Pangeos and is also known as the “terayacht,” the largest sea vessel ever. The project, named after a supercontinent that existed roughly two hundred million years ago called Pangaea, is estimated to cost over $8 billion to construct. 

As part of a plan to raise money for the construction, there is an NFT crowdfunding project. cryptocurrency can be used by backers to purchase virtual space on Pangeos In the metaverse. The construction is expected to begin in 2033 and last eight years, with the city opening to the public in 2041.


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Designed and proposed by Lazzarini Design Studio, a Rome-based company that utilises 3D technology to visualise designs and ideas, the project is proposed to be 550 metres (1,800 feet) in length and 610 metres (2,000 feet) in width. The German-built Azzam, which is 180.61 metres (595.55 feet) long, now holds the title of the largest yacht in the world.

There will be ample space in the floating metropolis for hotels, shopping malls, parks, movie theatres, resorts, grocery stores, and additional public areas. There will be airports on the top of the shell and helicopter pads. In addition to the sixty thousand guests, it will include an unknown number of crew members and personnel.

It is claimed that the 30,000 distinct cells in the basement of the enormous vessel will be an unsinkable floating solution. Rooftop solar panels on the ship’s shell are intended to provide some of the vessel’s power. As it moves, it will also use energy from beneath the waves.

Pangeos is anticipated to have a top speed of just five knots (5.7 miles per hour/9.2 kilometres per hour), propelled by nine 16,800 horsepower HTS engines.

Watch the video about the Pangeos below:

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