Scenes from Kingston Flood – Watch Videos

Parts of Jamaica have been experiencing floods as the hurricane season progresses with heavy rains across the island. The flooded roadways that were a result of the downpours have not stopped motorists from travelling along their designated routes despite the waters presenting some difficulty.

Videos shared online show areas in Kingston, such as Marcus Garvey Drive, being affected by high water levels as commuters attempt to safely navigate the flood.

In one of the videos shared, a line of traffic is seen in a section of Kingston where the water level is approximately knee-high. The shocked bystander who recorded the video went on to show two people standing in the water at an open car door, causing the vehicle to flood.

Another video, shot from a bus, depicts several cars and even a motorcycle travelling through a flooded area and a person walking through the water. The occupants of the bus are heard speaking in the background about the other vehicles and the water.

In a third short clip, automobiles are navigating the high waters along Marcus Garvey Drive, which is frequently affected by rainfall.

Watch the videos of the flooding below:

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