School Girl Records Argument With Taxi Driver in St. Catherine Over Fare Increase “Likkle Dutty JohnCrow!” – Watch Video

Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 5:53 PM GMT-5

Video footage of a Probox taxi driver arguing with a schoolgirl over the newly implemented fare increase has been getting quite some attention since the video was posted online.


The new fare increase was brought on with the expectation that public transport operators would once again overcharge their passengers similar to what happened the last time there was a raise in the fare, and government officials stated that the public at large, in the event that their drivers overcharge, should get the licence plate of the taxi in question so that the proper measures can be taken.

The maximum amount in penalty for overcharging passengers was stated to be $100,000 under the new zero-tolerance policy and Section 107 (3) of the Road Traffic Act.

In the footage, the student called for a stop and was seen exiting the vehicle where she handed the driver a $100 bill. While passing the money to the driver she stated, “driver $100 fi mi fare,” to which the driver replied, “$150, fare raise. Come nuh man and stop waste mi time.”

The driver and the student fell into a back and forth where the girl insisted that her fare was $100 and the driver rebutted that the fare was increased and he was charging no less than $150 for her destination. It was also mentioned that if the child had been going all the way to Old Harbour, her fare would have been $180.


Expletives were used with the driver calling the girl a pu**y and telling her to never take his car again and she firmly stated, “Is either you take the $100 and gwaan cuz a $100 fi mi fare. Every taxi mi take gah from May Pen come yahso a $100 fi mi fare.”

The cab driver took back the $100 stating, “Everything good. Is alright, gimme it. Thank yuh…” They were still arguing as he drove off. The licence plate of the taxi was also caught on video.

Watch the video below:


When online viewers saw the exchange between the two, the comment section of the video was divided. On one hand daa_moodsz_ said, “Taxi man not wrong uni hear fare raise and uno waa dictate what uno waa pay,” as well as le__alva stated, “me sure ppl no go kfc and give 1000 fi zinger box and seha tht dem have.”

On the other hand, shannz.lee wrote, “The people in the comments stating that the child should pay what he charges, are the reason why Jamaica can’t be better,” and lukiekeyz mentioned, “19% of 100 is not $50. Even if they used to pay 100 and it raise…Do The maths people and nuh get robbed. Time hard.”

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