Security Guard Claims Patterson Confessed To Murdering Slickianna

During Monday’s court hearing in Montego Bay, St James, it was revealed by the prosecution that Rushane Patterson confessed to Rohan “Early B” Rose, a security guard, about murdering Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend.

Rose’s attorney-at-law, Martyn Thomas, questioned his client’s level of culpability and argued that Patterson had unsuccessfully tried to get him involved in the crime. He also added that the murder accused also tried to implicate Rose by asking for his assistance in hiding it. These arguments were presented when he sought bail for his client.

However, the prosecution did not support Thomas’ reasoning, and Rose is now facing a charge of misprision of felony. In other words, he is accused of knowing about the matter but failing to notify the authorities. He was given bail in the amount of $500,000 and will face trial on March 6, 2023.

In the caution statement Rose purportedly gave the police, he said Patterson told him of the crime. The prosecution explained that Patterson called Rose on October 20, telling him that he had invited a new female to visit him, and they were at a restaurant in Hanover. Rose went to the restaurant to meet with them and left after some time. The following day, Rose reportedly saw several missed calls from Patterson, and when he returned the call, Patterson told him to meet him at a guest house near the border of Hanover and St James.

The prosecutor continued by saying that when the two men met, Patterson told Rose “that he had killed her and dumped her body down the road, and that while Mr Rose was going to work he should look out if he saw signs of a police crime scene.” The prosecutor added that after Rose was given the information, he went to work.

When the prosecution presented this in court, Thomas stated that his client had no involvement in the murder and had since cut ties with Patterson, someone he had formerly considered his friend. Thomas then told the court a different version of the events, saying that Rose “immediately hissed his teeth and said, ‘My youth, you know what, mi ah guh ah wuk'” after Patterson told him what happened.

According to Thomas, Patterson constantly called Rose until he answered, but he continued performing his duties at work. While Thomas claimed that Rose learned that Townsend’s body had been found soon after he got to his job, the prosecution contends that he did not immediately notify the police after being informed by Patterson.

Rose, was subsequently granted bail by Justice Andrea Thomas on Monday, with the conditions that he does not speak to Patterson, appear three times a week at the Lucea Police Station in Hanover, and turn over his passport.

Townsend’s barely dressed body was pulled from the water near Reading, between St. James and Hanover, on October 21. The police reported that she had been strangled when they announced the arrests of Patterson and Rose.

On December 15, a bail hearing is scheduled to take place for Rushane Patterson, the primary suspect who has been charged with Townsend’s murder.

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