Shabba Ranks Throws Shade at Bounty Killer In Interview According to Fans

As Shabba Ranks gears up to perform later today at the 76th birthday celebration for Beverly Kelso, which he arrived in Jamaica to participate in on Wednesday of this week, controversy looms on the horizon.

According to fans who listened to an interview that Shabba did where he listed a few artistes who he considered as ‘generals’, excluding Bounty Killer, he was disrespecting and throwing shade at the Dancehall veteran.


The audio heard the interviewer addressing Shabba as a general to which he stated, “No, no, not the general. The general a push hand cart down town. Di only general is General Trees…General Degree, General Echo, and Bunny General…any other general a plan fi funeral.”

Shabba ranks and his grammy
Shabba Ranks

Notably, both veteran artistes hail from Seaview Gardens in the corporate area like Dexta Daps and Elephant Man.

Bounty Killer is known as the 5 Star General, among other names, and it can also be assumed that the “plan for funeral” comment is linked to his lack of friendship with the ‘War Lord’. However, many fans definitely seem to think that Shabba was verbally downgrading Bounty’s accomplishments.

Listen to the audio below:

One fan said, “Respect Shabba. But no guy can diss the Killa. One General in dancehall is Bounty Killa. Facts!!,” while another wrote, “Why he can’t be happy for killa who rise from the getto like himself look how much killa do fi dance hall shabba has never speak gud abt killa.”

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