Sha’Carri Richardson Visited Jamaica to Support Boyfriend?

Friday, May 17, 2024, 7:50 AM

After World Champion Sha’Carri Richardson visited Jamaica to watch the Jamaica Athletics Invitational at the National Stadium, people are now speculating that she came to support her boyfriend, who was performing that day.

The invitational took place last week Saturday and Richardson was seen sitting in the bleachers area occasionally taking pictures with adoring fans.


It was previously known that Sha’Carri is into women and in a public relationship with a female, however, it seems that the sprinter might play for both sides of the field with the latest news about her new beau.

According to Oral Tracey ‘Maverick’ via Youtube, “Mi get a phone call from one of mi colleagues innah media. Mi colleague say to me say “Maverick, you know why Sha’Carri was here? Because she was here to support her boyfriend.””

Maverick stated that he thought that she was only into women and that it was news to him that she is dating fellow American runner, Christian Coleman.

Although a Google search produced no evidence of this supposed relationship, Oral Tracey said that he made several calls, all of which gave supporting statements of, “a suh them hear.” Following this, he received information about the existence of an article that states Richardson and Coleman are in a romantic relationship.

Oral Tracey mentioned that he still isn’t sure if it is true and that people might just be speculating because, “if smn like that a gwan google nuh woulda have it man.”

Watch the full video below:

Someone commented on the video on YouTube stating, “Coleman tackled her after that 4×100 last year and knocked out the alphabetical-ism out of her,” and another wrote, “Christian Coleman looks like a decent guy, so glad she is able to link up with him.”

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