Shaneil Muir Posts and Deletes Her Cars After Negative Comments

Thursday, May 30, 2024, 4:29 PM

Dancehall artiste Shaneil Muir shared photos of a sleek black “beast,” on Wednesday evening. Following some unpleasant comments from the public, she posted a different car on Thursday but deleted her posts not long after.

The Top Gyal initially shared a photo showing her smiling happily while the black BMW is parked in the background. The picture, which was shared with her popular song Exclusive as the audio, was captioned, “Beauty and the Beast 🖤😘 #GodIsGood #Thankful #imsoproudofmyself 🙌🏾.”


Sometime after midnight, she shared a second selfie with the same ride and the caption, “Excuse my “old 2008 BMW” 😂😂😂.”

Both Instagram posts racked up over 100,000 likes combined and received praise. However, some of the criticisms in the comments prompted Shaneil Muir to make a third car post showing a “BRAND NEW BENZ 2022 GLC.”

The picture, taken in 2022, shows her posing in a white top and ripped jeans in front of the vehicle. In the caption, she wrote, “I don’t flex because I don’t need to, different mindset, different focus. But more while uno blow things out of proportion. Got my first BRAND NEW BENZ 2022 GLC in 22 😌 two years ago and never posted. 2 years later barely driven with 3000 miles still on it 😁.”

Further in the caption, she noted that the vehicle was one of her greatest achievements, but she celebrated it privately.

“ME POST THE BEAST AND UNO VEX WHY? 😂 this internet is sick and one bag a pretenders,” she continued, adding that she can not be pressured. Concluding the post, she urged people to be proud of their achievements, whether big or small and not to be fooled by the internet.

Additionally, she made a post trolling the haters, which was also deleted from her page. The entertainer also shared a video, asking where she could purchase a 2024 donkey, seemingly indicating that the animal would be her means of transportation since her critics responded negatively to her cars.

Watch the video of Shaneil Muir below:

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