Shaneil Muir Seemingly Confirms Breakup, “Hold back yuh ring,” “…a suh single life did nice”

Rumours about trouble in paradise for Shaneil Muir and her fiancé have been circulating online since she made a social media post warning women about men plotting to steal a specific amount of money, 1.7M, once they get you into a relationship.

The ambiguous post had people debating on whether she was speaking about herself or someone she knows, however, a post made on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, to her Instagram account shows the entertainer speaking about being single.


In the post, she stated, “Uno couldn’t tell me say a suh single life did nice ☺️.”

See the post below:


After the post was made, many comments, seeming to say ‘I told you so’, were left on the artiste’s page.

Shaneil Muir and her partner

Venus_musiq_ stated, “Coffee done,” referring to Muir calling her seemingly ex-fiance her “cup of coffee,” to which she said, “When e done yuh pour another.” Another commenter wrote, “Cup a coffee boil out sis,” and Muir once again replied, “Me no boil coffee, water me boil babe.”

Read more comments below:


Muir goes on to promote her new song with Valiant entitled Paradox, which was used as the audio for her single post. The song speaks about a romantic partner whose actions don’t match their words, and the female Dancehall artiste even sings, “Hold back yuh ring, guh find another gal fi use. Yuh action dem a contradict yuh attitude.”


Listen to the song below:

Hours after her initial post, she followed up with the post below, check the slide.

Screenshot 2024 05 08 at 5.09.36 PM

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