Shanzi and Nino Become Mr. & Mrs. Adair – See Pictures, Watch Videos

Event promoter, Jermaule Nino Adair (Nino) and social media influencer, Shanice Allen (Shanzi) first released their wedding invitation to the public in October and announced that their wedding journey will take the form of a reality show entitled #Adairingmoment.

On Sunday, December 11, 2022, the couple officially became Mr. & Mrs. Adair after taking the first step to forever by tying the knot with their friends and family present at their unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Dubbed “The Royal Wedding” by those in attendance, the ceremony saw where the couple’s budding love story blossomed into something beautiful. Their official wedding pictures have also yet to grace the internet, however, wedding guests made up for the wait by flooding the internet with pictures of their suave and stunning attires.

The state of dress for the event goers was formal and fabulous with the guests in an array of colours such as blue, red, brown, black, green, grey, burgundy, and gold with each sporting their unique style of dressing for the occasion.

See some of the pictures below:

A total of three videos from the wedding were also uploaded online, with one showing the bride and groom enjoying a make-out session under a sign (which was on fire) spelling out “THE ADAIRS,” while a man creates a fire display in the distance. The other video is a short clip of the newlyweds at the table during the reception, displaying their rings and wedding glasses.

See the videos below:

The third video was posted on Twitter and retweeted by the bride along with the caption, “As A Wife ❤️😫@Shanzi_a CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER. I wish you and @nino_tns the very best .” In this clip, Shanzi and Nino can be seen kissing, while she uses her left hand to gently massage her husband’s crotch as a man breathes fire as part of the wedding attraction.

A guest could be heard asking if the moment was caught on camera as the couple laughed and start walking off.

See the video below:

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