Shark Caught in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth – Watch Video

The video of a shark on the sands of Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, has been steadily gaining attention after it was uploaded to the TikTok account of bolofrass.

In the video, a hand full of people were crowding around and taking videos of the shark that seemed to have wandered too close to the shore. The shark, caught with a rope around its tail fin, was still close enough to the water for the tide to reach it.

The creature can be seen opening and closing its jaws while it wriggled on the sand in what seemed like an effort to get away from the rope.

“Drag him…draw him ra*s,” said one of the men at the scene, speaking to the individual that held the rope attached to the shark’s tail fin. Others surrounding the sea creature could be heard wanting to get a better look at the shark and even commenting that tourists should have been there to witness the shark caught on the beach.

Watch the video below:

The comments on the video posted on TikTok varied from people wanting to eat the shark, putting it back in the water, planning to stay away from the beach, and stating that the shark must have been “plotting on the people close by.”

Tweety said, “Fry or curry wid nuff pepper, we can sushi sun to,” while someone else vocalized, “Ppl hear saying put him back 😂…if anyone was to go in the water n the shark was there you think the shark ago put u back on the shore 😂😂.”

Read more comments below:

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