Sharon Burke’s Attorney Requests That Popcaan Retracts Defamatory Comments

Thursday, December 22, 2022, 9:25 AM

Subsequent to Popcaan’s Twitter rant, the attorney that is representing the Solid Agency, which is headed by President Sharon Burke (whom the comments were about) requested that the deejay retract his defamatory statements.

Severely criticizing the allegations made against Burke, attorney Isat Buchanan asked that the Family entertainer withdraw his comments “in a reasonable time”.


During his performance at the recently held Burna Boy concert at the National Stadium, the artiste experienced a few technical difficulties and thereafter claimed that Burke was the party responsible for sabotaging his time on stage. The show organizers, which includes the Solid Agency, had issued a press release with an apology to its guests about the technical difficulties experienced that night and the failure to manage the crowd, especially in the Ultra VIP area which cost US$300 per ticket.

Buchanan, speaking with the Observer Online, discredited the claims by mentioning that it is widely known that Burke has nothing to do with sound engineering and the team is “appealing to good sense” of Popcaan’s legal team to get him to withdraw the statements targeting Burke’s character.

The attorney-at-law voiced that aside from the technical issues that Popcaan experienced, his performance was filled with “magical moments” and thus he should rethink letting his recent ruckus take away from the good memories he made at the event. He also said that the successful staging of a show of such a great scale shines a positive light on Jamaica when it comes to hosting international events, and so the resulting stir by the artiste which stems from a slight “miscommunication” should not obscure that.

“We know that there were technical difficulties, but we cannot allow a situation where there is no clarity in the post mortem, that detracts from the fact that Jamaica can host an international show of this magnitude and outdo our sister countries at a first world standard,” he said.

Highlighting multiple positive outcomes from the event, Buchanan stated that the stage show which was hosted on Sunday, December 18, showed that the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) has grown in its responsibilities because of the lack of crime at the concert. He said that the event did well to “showcase our best selves” and the attending patrons were well behaved and Jamaicans as a whole were not shamed worldwide.

Buchanan, speaking on performance, vocalized that everyone involved in the show should realize that they participated in “something great” and as a result should advocate for professionalism instead of doing anything that might cause them to fall after rising so high. He appealed to Popcaan’s advisors to council him on the duties of an international artiste and that as someone who was able to deliver enthralling performances which include his duet with Toni-Ann Singh and standing onstage with icons like reggae artiste Beres Hammond.

Buchanan also advises that the opposing party think about the consequences rationally and with a calm mind before the course of legal action becomes the only way forward.

Despite his plea, however, it seems that litigation is imminent because the Next To Me entertainer does not seem to be backing down. The lawyer representing Popcaan, Ron Young, maintains that his client has a right to feel wronged about how his performance turned out and that “any issues related to that will be ventilated and resolved in due course.”

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