Shawn Storm Bashes Paula Llewellyn in Lengthy Statement “Privy council show the world say unuh is a bunch of criminals”

Shawn Storm, one of the co-accused along with Vybz Kartel in the court case for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, took to social media Thursday morning to rant about Paula Llewellyn, corruption in the police force, and the injustice of their situation.

According to Shawn Storm, “Paula, memba u and u “unlearned” friend dem get whole heap a money fi sink kartel dem eno. Including jamaica dutty corruption police dem.” He also stated that the above individuals and organization participated in violating “constitutional rights, privacy rights, tamper with phone/video evidence, coach witness and alter cell site information.”


However, the murder convictions being a quashed by the UK Privy Council, the Portmoe Dancehall artiste rejoiced saying, “The same privy council show the world say unuh is a bunch of ciminals!!!!”

He then warned the “hungry belly ppl dem” with their “waggonist mentality” who are in league with the corrupt members of the legal system that they would always get the losing end of the stick.

Read the lengthy statement below:

An audio was also posted along with the statement saying that Lizard was a criminal and the case was more about using the system to achieve their own agenda rather than to get justice for Williams and his family. The Donna-Lee Donaldson case was also brought up, along with others, to show just how corrupt and self-serving the justice system is.

Listen to the audio below:

In response to his Instagram posts, someone stated, “Dem still don’t have an evidence and yet the DJ is locked up. So that means Kartel is illegally behind bars. This tells how much the system really want Kartel outta this world…” and another individual wrote, “Free Vybz Kartel and his co- accused. God & Time.”

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