Shelly-Ann Curran Says Kartel’s ‘Sweet to the Belly’ and “About 5” More Songs Were Inspired by Their Affair

Talk show host Shelly-Ann Curran has once again shared how her affair with Vybz Kartel served as inspiration for his music, this time enlisting a former member of the Gaza Empire, Gaza Sheba, to serve as a witness.

Curran is no stranger to the music industry, and along with her show, she has also been working in artiste management. The Tea Time With Shelly Ann Curran host has never shied away from discussing her escapades while working in the Dancehall industry and has spoken about her affair with Kartel on multiple occasions.


In addition to hinting at knowing a few of Kartel’s secrets, Curran has also suggested that she was the deejay’s muse for several of his singles. During an interview with Sheba, who has also confirmed a relationship with the Gaza Empire originator, Curran sought to dismiss accusations that she was lying.

After Curran asked Sheba if she recalled her being with Kartel while she was with the Gaza Empire, Sheba stated that there is no way she could forget “Shelly, sweet to the belly.” Sheba went on to express that she was introduced to Curran because of the affair, and everyone knew what was going on.

“Mi use to see Shelly come round and wi done know seh she come fi di elephant truck [ … ] Wi just mine wi business and drink wata [ … ] We all know what is what,” Sheba stated.

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Curran reiterated Sheba’s Sweet to the Belly reference and said that the track, as well as approximately five others, were also written about her. Sweet to the Belly was released in 2003 and features the lyrics “Di gyal guh so (Mm, mm) It sweet to di belly. Squeeze up di breast like jelly. Doh Shelly.”

While Kartel has confirmed his sexual relationship with Curran, the deejay has not yet confirmed that the talk show host is the inspiration for some of his old songs. In a 2023 interview with Urban Islandz, Kartel addressed their affair, and according to the Romping Shop artiste it only lasted three months.

Watch Curran’s Interview with Sheba below.

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