Shenseea Makes Short Ribs, Adds “okra fi di pum pum” – Watch Video

On another episode of Shenseea’s escapades in the kitchen, she tries another first, cooking up some beef short ribs for her fans to see.



Shenseea seems to have gotten comfortable with her fans seeing her in the kitchen as she continues to prepare food and share videos of her cooking skills as demanded by more and more of her supporters.

Her most recent cooking video shows the mother of one with a bowl of short ribs that has been marinated for an entire day before it was meant to be cooked. The video follows the process of Sheneea seasoning the ribs with a special blend of green paste, thyme, all-purpose, meat seasoning, salt, and browning.

She then cooked the meat by browning both sides of each rib in a skillet. Shenseea then cooked down a few more ingredients; including onions, carrot, ketchup, and beef stock, combining that with the ribs and adding some rosemary for flavour before adding allspice (pimento) “okra fi di pum pum”, and wine which she then transferred to a pot and put in the oven for two hours.


For the final dish, she made some mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables, “because somehow, mi nuh know, I’m about to trick my mind that this is gonna be the healthiest meal.”

She made gravy, plated the food, and, “pray to God to because food expensive these days,” and enjoyed the food so much, that she stated that she would be making it again.

Watch the video below:


She posted the video on TikTok and many people commented on her remarks about okra, with someone stating, “Okra fah dee pum pum , is that wah u sah ?”

Another individual also remarked on Shenseea’s use of American ketchup saying, “Shen you like American ketchup?!? They ketchup so sourrrrr,” to which Shenseea replied, “I love it because its sour 🥹.”

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