Shenseea Says “Fans” are the Root of Drama with Spice “Mi always been have respect fi Spice from day one!” – Video

Following her reunion with Spice on Baddies Caribbean Auditions, Shenseea has shared her belief that fans are often to blame for feuds between artistes.

A sneak peek of the newly released reality show revealed that all had not been well between Shenseea and Spice, who were featured as judges on the show. The clip revealed a spirited exchange between both artistes as they blamed the other for unfollowing or blocking them on social media.

Though the clip did not reveal how or if the artistes worked it out, while speaking on Baddies during a live stream, Shenseea said she and Spice are good now. The Lighter singer also questioned why people are always trying to put her against other female artistes.

Shenseea shared that, in her opinion, there was never any real beef between her and Spice, which is why she easily started speaking to her while filming Baddies. She further stated that she agrees with the opinion that fans put artistes against each other because she is not into that sort of thing.

Shenseea went on to share that she has wanted to work with Spice for a long time now and has always respected her.

“Yuh know how much time mi link Spice fi seh yow mek wi do one song togetha from long time [ … ] Mi always been have respect fi Spice from day one. And nobody can seh otherwise because I’ve always shown love. Like guh dig it up ina di archives, you guys will find it,” Shenseea stated. She also seemingly suggested that she initiated the conversation by asking Spice “Wah gwaan?”.

Shenseea proceeded to tell a viewer on her livestream to behave after they said all Spice’s fans were vipers. She also said people wanted to see her arguing, but she is not the type to feud online and noted that she remained silent even when people disrespected her and her son.

Playing with a guitar in a studio during the live chat, Shenseea also told fans that she’s working on “something new” and asked for suggestions for her album. She also talked about her upcoming shows in various countries. “USA tour is on the way,” she outlines at one point before declaring that she’s not ready to do Pop-music.

Watch the video with Shenseea below.

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