Shenseea Told To Keep Herself And Her Son Away From London On Da Track’s Daughter – See photos

In several Instagram posts on Monday, Eboni Ivori, one of London On Da Track’s children’s mothers, accused Shenseea’s son Rajeiro Lee of inappropriate behaviour.

Earlier this year, London and Shenseea were rumoured to be dating, and after the music producer gifted the dancehall artiste a diamond necklace at the release party for her debut album Alpha, speculations intensified. A relationship was never confirmed by either, but Eboni’s recent posts imply that Shenseea’s son Rajeiro and London and Eboni’s daughter Paris have met. In an Instagram story, Eboni said that she could not allow certain things to slide and would make sure that certain things did not reoccur. Eboni blatantly told Shenseea that she wanted her and Rajeiro to stay away from her.


“I’m saying Loud and Clear and I mean it from the bottom of my soul @shenseea you and your little nasty son stay away from my daughter,” Eboni stated.

She went on to advise the artiste to take her son to therapy before he got into “real trouble” and claimed that she tried to reach out to her before posting. Eboni added that Shenseea had tried to make Paris call her mom before she made it clear that she was no longer interested in London and had moved on.

“You been playin on my top from the jump trying to make Paris call you mom like a weirdo. Now you and your son are weird af & it gotta be your fault bc he’s a kid,” Eboni said.

Eboni has had issues with the women in London’s life before rumours of him and Shenseea dating. In 2020, Eboni and Summer Walker, who was pregnant with London’s child, openly expressed their dislike for each other, with both women going back and forth on social media and Walker describing her as obsessive.

View Eboni’s posts below.

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