WATCH: Footage Shows Shooting Incident Involving Police, Gunman and Taxi Man in Portmore

Sunday, April 28, 2024, 12:27 PM

Video footage showcasing what happened in the shooting incident in Portmore involving a taxi operator, a gunman, and a police officer has surfaced online. The incident took place on Saturday, April 27, 2024 in Greater Portmore on West Henderson Boulevard at around 11:40 AM.

According to reports, a police officer witnessed two gunmen shooting at a taximan and he opened fire on the men, who retreated, but not before the officer was shot somewhere in the lower body.


However, security camera footage of the scene shows the taximan involved reversing onto a compound and stopping. The driver got out of the car to help a woman he seemed to have been picking up because she started to put her belongings in the trunk of the car.

At this time, a man who has his face covered with a mask is seen turning the corner onto the compound and walking in the direction of the taxi operator and the woman. The gunman seemed to be holding a small bag which he removed a gun from with his left hand as he got closer.

He suddenly runs up to the taximan and begins to shoot at him from close range, causing the woman to take off running (along with another individual in the vicinity). The driver is hit, seemingly in the upper body, multiple times and falls to the ground.

The gunman runs off and this is when the policeman (in plain clothes) is shown to have run onto the scene, shooting at the attacker as he runs away, contrary to previous reports. Fire was seemingly returned by the gunman as the police can be seen ducking, and then hopping from the view of the camera.

Watch the video footage below:

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