Short Funeral Service Held For Marlon ‘DuppyFilm’ Perry,…’no chariot, no festivities ‘

[Sharingbuttons]The funeral service of Duppy Film, Jamaica’s most wanted man prior to his death was held on Sunday (Nov 12) at the Lloyd’s Seventh Day Adventist with interment in the cemetery in the district.

The service reportedly lasted only 30 minutes, as Pastor Linton Hamilton used the time to counsel the congregation about taking the wrong path in life and the consequences

The short proceedings were incident free as a strong detachment of police was present at both the church and the cemetery.

Marlon ‘Duppy Film’ Perry was shot dead by police at a guest house in Port Morant, St Thomas on September 24.

Duppy Film’s Family Struggles To Bury Him,…”mi would a want to send him off in a chariot”


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  1. Listen to me morn in private …. think about all the other families with mothers who DUPPY mek dem belly bottom bun!!

    Morn inna private!!!!
    Don’t give me this shit !!!

    When him was alive and livin above THE FUCKIN LAW , wait him never think him Day would come? Eeh

    Sorry I forgot he thought he was God and above the law !!!

    Gimme a god damn break


  2. You guys continue to judge , do anyone of you know him personally , do you even know if he does the things that he has been pinned to and the list goes on do you think he wasnt working for sonmeone or with someone??

    1. Dem same one who a chat have family a du worst than him .. A just 2 police him kill mek him become most wanted … Me know some who a chat have family and know dem family a kill innocent ppl ,kids and just born .. But dem still nuh mek news cause the police that was kill is from the ghetto who is not a lawyer not a police etc .. Du the maths

    2. So it’s okay for him to kill because it’s a police officer. So if he didn’t take up bad man him and the police would have never been at war.
      What about the children and family of the police men. And these are the same set of people who wants crime to stop. Smdh

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