Shots Ring Out at Lauderhill Dancehall Event Leaving Patrons Scrambling for Cover: A Terrifying Morning in Florida – Watch Video

In a stunning turn of events that shook the dancehall community in Lauderhill, Florida, an incident unfolded that sent shockwaves through the city.

A video circulating on social media captured the dramatic scene, revealing an alarming situation that unfolded during an Icecream Sundaze Exclusive Day Event at which dancehall artiste Jah Vinci was expected to perform, leaving patrons and performers terrified.



See below a photo advertising the event in Lauderhill:

The video features the alleged voice of dancehall selector Nikki Blacks, who was addressing the crowd in a lively and playful manner. She asked patrons if they didn’t have their Sunday dinner or breakfast, with her voice carrying the exuberance often associated with dancehall gatherings.

‘Unuh belly full so Unuh fi talk up, and unuh fi happy up,’ Nikki exclaimed. In attempting to engage the crowd, she instructed the female attendees who had enjoyed a hearty Sunday dinner to shout, ‘Dinner!’

It was at this point the situation took a terrifying and unexpected turn.

Suddenly, popping sounds were heard in the crowd, sending shockwaves through the event. In a frightened tone, Nikki Blacks asked, ‘A wah dat?’ before more popping sounds followed. The chilling realisation dawned that these sounds were not part of the music; they were gunshots.

Chaos erupted as workers and patrons scrambled to escape the danger and find cover. Reports later indicated that some attendees suffered injuries during the incident.

Watch the video below:


The video posted by @jamaicanmateyangroupiepinkwall triggered a wave of reactions from viewers on social media. Many expressed shock and disbelief at the events that unfolded before their eyes. Some who claimed they were at the event in Lauderhill shared their harrowing experience, recounting how they narrowly escaped harm by taking evasive action, including diving for cover.

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Dancehall promoter and businessman @romeichentertainment weighed in on the incident, expressing deep sadness and concern. He commented that incidents like these could lead to a crackdown on dancehall events in the future, posing a significant threat to the culture and the industry.


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User @kimone560 added a thought-provoking perspective, noting the irony in how dancehall can sometimes glorify violence and chaos in its lyrics and performances. Yet when real-life incidents occur, the same individuals demand civility and safety.

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