Silk Boss’ Baby Mother Drama Gets Ugly Online; Brii Speaks Out

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss is currently in a mess of controversy after the mother of his second child claims that he lied to the public and threatened to kill her.

In 2022, Silk Boss admitted to cheating on his girlfriend Sabreinna ‘Brii’ Williams and expressed that there might be a second child on the way.

Notably, the deejay shares a baby girl with Brii, and he has been seen publicly with her.

However, a video showing his other baby mother, Calli Star, with her baby recently garnered attention online due to the child’s striking resemblance to Silk Boss.

Watch a video of the two babies below:

The video ignited conversations online, and the entertainer later dropped a preview of a song apparently titled Truth. 

In the song, Silk Boss says that he is a target in the media, adding, “Mi reach out but dah gyal deh she a crosses, a tell me bout sh she and di youth a package, but mi nuh want har a di youth alone mi wah see, so stop di lying and tell di truth parri.”

He also notes that the woman was only “a one night stand,” and alleges that she tried to blackmail him.

Listen to the preview of the song below:

After the preview was released, Calli dragged the deejay online, saying that he’s lying in the song. In a post, Calli expressed that Silk Boss is “wicked” for thinking of “a whole bunch of lies” to put into a song to make her seem like a bad person.

She mentioned that she has never been disrespectful towards the artiste, and added, “It took the media bashing you for you to acknowledge YOUR SON.”

Calli also said that the last time she communicated with Silk Boss was during her pregnancy when he expressed concerns about using his phone to communicate with her because of his girlfriend.

Furthermore, she denied telling the Montego artiste that she and her son were a “package deal” and denied wanting a relationship with him, adding that the deejay never contacted her about his son.

In another post, she said that she was not a “one night stand,” highlighting different interactions she had with Silk Boss, which she sought to prove with screenshots of her call log in 2022.

According to the post, Silk Boss was initially accepting of his son, but after his girlfriend found out, he allegedly threatened to kill Calli. Calli also shared a screenshot of a message from the deejay, reading, “Yu see if yuh nuh waa mi see yu and kill yuh Gyal yuh stay out a me way yer.”

After Calli exposed these screenshots, the artiste responded with a post, explaining that Calli contacted him when she was one month and two weeks pregnant. Silk Boss added, “I told her to get rid of it because she knows I already had a family.”

However, Calli decided to keep her “miracle” baby because she had previously been told that she could not have another child after having her first son, according to the post.

The drama has also garnered a response from Bri, who posted lengthy paragraphs on one of her social media pages.

According to Bri, she does not care what Silk Boss and Calli are doing, and she is not telling him what to do. She noted that people are assuming that she is the reason why Silk Boss has not been caring for his son and pointed out that she has a 1-year-old child to care for.

She also urged the public to stop including her name in the drama.

Additionally, a video seemingly resurfaced of Brii telling the public that while she is unbothered by her boyfriend cheating, she will go insane if he gives another woman money, further fueling the rumour that she prevented Silk Boss from caring for his son.

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