Silk Boss Proposes to Brii After Cheating Scandal?

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Silk Boss where he admitted to cheating on his girlfriend and manager Brii, the artiste apologized for his screw-up and now seems to be going the extra mile to show his genuine feelings.

After the scandal came to light, which also included the revelation that the side chick of the Sorry artiste is pregnant, and the baby might be his, Silk Boss decided to propose to his girlfriend in what seems to be an effort not to lose her. He had mentioned before that the girl he had relations with was only a one-night stand and that he had used a condom during the act, however, he also said, “mi will tek full responsibility as a man if a my own.”


The artiste is willing to wait until the baby is born to have a DNA test done. In the meantime, Brii and the child she is carrying seem to be his top priority. Brii, real name Sabreinna Williams, was admitted to the hospital following Silk Boss’s address on Instagram where he revealed his lapse of judgment and infidelity, the cause is currently unknown, but speculations state that it was due to stress because of relationship drama.

Following up on his public apology, Silk Boss (birth name Rohan Reid) was captured on camera inside a supermarket with flowers in hand trying to find the perfect chocolate so that he could reportedly propose to Brii. The footage then showcased him in her hospital room where the two can be seen hugging after they made up. While the actual proposal was not seen on camera, the person seemingly behind the recording, along with other voices, could be heard declaring, “put on the ring bro, give her what she deserves.”

According to Terro Don Ent on YouTube, who also posted the video of the alleged proposal, “dem two yah nah leff”. he also asked his subscribers for their opinion on the matter and a variety of answers were presented. One Subscriber stated, “Real drama is if both babies are jackets. Silk always will have controversy, it comes easy for him lololol,” while another individual mentioned, “What you’ll don’t understand woman knows men always go cheat but it’s the respect loyalty and honesty we need , so it’s respect he bringing rn so Terro dont do that ❤️❤️❤️❤️ nuff love fi them young ppl here.”

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Someone even compared their relationship to the controversial UK married couple Queenie and Dowey and the American celebrity couple Blueface and Chrisean. There was even talk that considering Silk Boss’s personality, fans are looking forward to the song they are sure will be coming after this incident.

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