Silk Boss Releases “Message to Sabreinna” Music Video – Watch Video

Described as the most controversial dancehall artiste of 2022, Silk Boss manages to take all his experiences and situations, whether good or bad and turn them into hit songs that his fans adore and praise him for doing.

It is no different when it comes to matters of the heart. Silk Boss has released Message to Sabreinna, a song that he teased on his Instagram Live, and fans predicted would soon hit the airwaves. The song, as it is entitled, is a letter that the Sorry artiste wrote for his girlfriend (and manager) Brii, after the groundbreaking report that he had not only cheated on her, but he might have gotten the girl pregnant. The 21-year-old has since then apologized to Brii and even proposed to her with chocolate and flowers in hand.


“Mi and her innah the worse, every time mi think of har it comin like it hit a nerve. Har pretty smile weh pan har face mi heart swell up and out fi burst. Make mi tek yuh pan a tour cuz everyting good yuh deserve,” he praises in the first verse.

The heartfelt and melodious chorus brings the song together when he sings, “mi a beg yuh please my love, baby nuh leave my house, pain me a feel right now, baby nuh leave…”

The music video seemed to showcase the process he went through when writing the song and brought out the emotions that he grappled with after he realized the heartbreak that he caused his lover. throughout the video, Silk Boss can be seen scribbling words into a book, crying, and aimlessly walking around the house as he contemplates his mistakes, and gripping his head as he pours out his heart in the form of a song.

Produced by Ice Queen Records, the video was released to his official YouTube account just a few hours ago and has already racked up 20 thousand views and over 6 thousand likes on the platform.

Watch the video below:

Wizzle James commented, “The amount a things reach this yute in music and in real life we can safely agree he’s already making an impact in dancehall šŸ”„šŸ”„,” while Danessia Samms stated, “This situation reach most men. Both young and old The whole world can relate to this song. I’m a female and this song makes goose bumps take over my body.”

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