Silk Boss Talks About Sting, Brii, Valiant, Jahshii and Grammy Award – Watch Interview

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss appeared on an episode of Jaiifrais’ Let’s Be Honest podcast, touching on several topics that made headlines in 2022.

The deejay, who said he started dabbling in music at six years old, opened up about why he was not seen at Sting, which he blames on how the show was organised and the promoters’ “bad business.”


“Heavy D reach out, him give mi half a weh mi did suppose to get…and di next half, him neva present it…A bad business.. so mi nah go perform,” he explained, adding that he had no intention of joining the group of entertainers who took to the stage, rushing to get time before the show ended.

Silk Boss, legally named Rohan Reid, also said that if the promoters offered the right price for future events, he would work with them again. 

On the subject of second chances, Jaiifrais asked Silk Boss if he would consider doing business with Terro Don again despite their past issues. The singer, who expressed his gratitude to Terror Don, his former producer, said he would collaborate with him again.

Silk Boss touched on his recent freestyle video with Valiant and highlights the possibility of a collaboration.

Silk Boss, who aspired to be “one a di biggest dancehall artiste inna Jamaica,” is widely known for songs such as Mankind, Surgery, and Sorry. Many fans have commended his songwriting and singing prowess, but he has revealed that he considers himself a poet and not a songwriter.

“I’m not a music writer, I am a poet. Meaning seh mi nuh write song base offa wah mi feel seh a happen…mi write songs base offa di dream dem weh mi get and weh mi see seh actually deh happen.”

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Additionally, Silk Boss was asked about his feud with Jahshii, but he only sang a line from one of his diss tracks, saying, “Jahshii start war and a run from it…”

Watch the interview with Silk Boss below:

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