Sizzla Bun-Out “Bow Cats” Plus Says “No Homosexuals, No Lesbians” in Latest Performance and Interview – Watch Video

Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 10:19 AM

After a scintillating live performance, Reggae Dancehall artiste Sizzla Kalonji went on to illustrate why he remains resolute in his stance to protect Jamaica’s culture.

The entertainer reeled off some of his fiery-controversial hits, addressing certain types of lifestyle during his performance at the Essence of Reggae music festival to a warm reception from the crowd in attendance.


Sizzla picked up where he left off following his performance in his response via an interview, as he was questioned about the reasons for his ‘fire burning’ outlook.

“For the people to get an understanding not to lose themself and they must always stay in their culture and their root and meditate upon the Most High and always be with the essence to be consistent about what is positive not just for yesterday but for tomorrow so you can best govern the future and the vibe about it that we are human being,” Sizzla outlined.

He continued, “Is man and woman go in a bed and mek love that mean seh a energy and motion mek the people them, that mean seh I an I always got to be in the motion.”

The entertainer laid out his views via an interview with The Fix, Sizzla also discussed the financial aspect of reggae music. According to Sizzla, reggae is a “multi-billion trillion-dollar corporation,” and people should get involved and get rich.

In closing, Sizzla says he will continue to use his platform and voice to point out that he is not in support of ‘certain stuff,’ despite the backlash, seeing that it’s not a part of Jamaican culture. “No homosexual, no lesbian, alright, no paedophile,” Sizzla declared.

He also encourages the younger generation to focus on learning about their cultural history and maintain high marks in school.

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