Sizzla Speaks on His Return to America and His Ongoing Tour, New Business Initiatives, and More – Watch Interview

Sunday, May 19, 2024, 6:57 AM

Sizzla has recently been granted a United States work visa after several years of not being able to visit the country in a professional manner. When it was reinstated, a 2024 tour was announced across multiple countries, including the U.S., called The Return of Sizzla.

The tour will encompass seven states in America including Atlanta Georgia (May 17), New York (May 26), North Carolina (June 22), Connecticut (July 27), Boston ( Aug 10), DC/Baltimore( Aug 18), and Texas (Oct 26).


During an interview in Atlanta with Maurice ‘Reec’ Swiney from the Reec Show, a radio talk show, Sizzla spoke about his ongoing tour, his return to America, initiating business opportunities, and his philanthropic deeds in August Town, Jamaica.

Sizzla kicked off the interview with a word of prayer and then dived into talking about his current tour and promotions and the hype around his performances. He mentioned that performing is about giving the people what they want and ensuring that when they leave they are energized and happy.

The entertainer also touched on the creation of new businesses in the U.S. like selling merchandise and making money outside of being a singer.

When he returns to his home country, Sizzla stated that he will continue working on improving August Town. He said, “When I get back to Jamaica I’ll be like, taking care of the property, the tabernacle…highlight the kids…” He also said that he would try to “accumulate some land to do some farming.”

Watch the Interview below:

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