Skatta Comments on Sizzla Kalonji Burning Plaques from DJ Khaled – See Post, Watch Videos

Music producer, Cordel “Skatta” Burrell has responded to the recent controversial actions that were pulled by dancehall/reggae veteran Sizzla Kalonji, where videos surfaced of him burning two plaques sent by DJ Khaled, commemorating the Platinum certification of his Grateful (2017) and Father of Asad (2019) albums.

In a post to Instagram, Skatta implored members in the music industry to continue working, as well as to understand that they are representative of the country and the rich Jamaican culture, therefore, should be mindful of their actions. He added that they are responsible for ensuring that the dancehall and reggae genre is recognized on a global level, which is used to pave the path for future generations.

“Producers, Musicians And Artist Keep working and let’s not forget that talent without discipline will only get You so far. What We do impacts the world and for the love of Country and Culture We have an obligation to push Dancehall and Reggae to the wider world in order to create not only a legacy for ourselves but for the ones after Us. This is Our avenue to success and wealth so please remember to preserve this road so others may be able to walk,” the post reads.

Seemingly responding to Sizzla Kalonji’s actions earlier, the post continued by highlighting that an amount of approximately USD 450 can be paid by an artiste who wishes to have the font changed on a plaque.

“I post this to show the other side and please remember, Any artist, label or other affiliated party who contributed to an RIAA certified title and would like to obtain a physical plaque, can request it and have specific adjustments to fonts. Cost is around $450usd.”

This post by Skatta comes following comments made by the Rastafarian entertainer who complained in a viral video that his name was barely visible on the award: “Weh yuh feel like?  Wrong plaque yuh sen.  Mi can’t even si mi name. An a now yuh a sen plaque come gi mi?  Look how hard wi work.  Joke yu a teck dis ting fah.  Bun dat!  Bun plaque.  Serious yuh hear!”

On the Palestinian-American producer’s 10th studio album, ‘Grateful‘, Kalonji appeared on the intro track, I’m So Grateful, and was also featured on Holy Mountain alongside Buju Banton, Mavado, and 070 Shake on the producer’s 11th studio album, Father of Asahd.

Skatta also included in the posts, two plaques he received with his name visibly embossed:

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