Skeng and Valiant Fall Out?… Jiggy D Says “S*CK UNUH MADA” and Tags Valiant

Monday, June 3, 2024, 8:53 PM

Less than a week ago, a video circulated showing producer Jiggy D, Skeng, Bayka, RajahWild, and Valiant at an event, igniting talks of unity in Dancehall. However, it is now being said that there was a dispute between Skeng’s team and Valiant’s team at a recent event that reportedly turned physical.

An unofficial report stated that the police intervened, and Jiggy D was reportedly pepper-sprayed. It was also mentioned that Skeng left the same event with the microphone, which can be seen in a video.

Valiant and Skeng

Jiggy D and Skeng are known to be close, and the two have created multiple songs together. Notably, Jiggy D is no longer following Valiant on Instagram, and Valiant is no longer following Skeng.

According to vlogger Mix Up Time, one of Skeng’s producers, Jerome Di Truth, posted a video showing him flaunting a rifle while Teejay’s song Chapter 1, in which he targets Valiant, plays in the background. Additionally, the producer posted a song from Skeng in which the deejay threatens someone.

Jiggy D also apparently took shots at Valiant in an Instagram post that features Tommy Lee Sparta’s Enemy song. In the post, Jiggy D wrote, “S*CK UNUH MADA! Memba good a di dawkess set a artist dem mi deal wid ….nuh nerd, same round table weh unuh a talk, unuh wi get it! @valiant music @djmac @djbiigy.” 

See the post below:

Watch the video on Skeng and Valiant below:

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