Skeng Appears Disoriented, Looks as if He’s About to Pass Out While at Event

November 21, 2023 1:32 PM

A video taken of dancehall artiste Skeng during an appearance at an event has sparked concern from fans, as the deejay appeared disoriented and looked as if he might pass out.

The video was captured by an attendee seemingly before Skeng took to the stage for his performance. His Shottaz collaborator, Kraff, was also in attendance at the event.


In the video, both deejays can be seen waiting on a staircase, which seemingly led to the stage. As Skeng waited, microphone in hand, he began to sway from one side to the next and appeared disoriented and oblivious to what was happening around him.

Viewers of the video have since expressed concern for the Protocol deejay, who some said appeared to be high. Skeng has ignited controversy in the past due to his alleged drug use.

Several of his songs, such as his single Pop Molly featuring Navaz, are known for their references to the illicit party drug ecstasy, popularly known as Molly. However, some of the artiste’s fans have spoken out in his defence, suggesting that he may be extremely overworked and experiencing the effects of not getting enough rest.

Watch the video and read the comments below.

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