Skeng Argues With Airport Officials Over Bleaching Cream According To Reports

A voicenote has surfaced regarding the reported altercation Skeng had at the Norman Manley International Airport, which is allegedly shared by an airport official. The audio released reveals that Skeng got furious with the airport officials over a bottle of bleaching cream that he was not allowed to take with him on the plane.

Updates from Skeng’s attorney Christopher Townsend reported that the incident last Tuesday has not shifted Skeng’s main focus, which is to get to his fans in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.


On Wednesday, Townsend told the Jamaica Observer that the entertainer is “anxious to get to Trinidad and Tobago and perform,” and he was scheduled to leave on May 25.

Regardless of being faced with charges for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, Skeng is reportedly unconcerned about his run-in with the law as he is only presently “concerned about his fans.”

The fast-rising entertainer, who is known for his hit single Protocol featuring Tommy Lee Sparta, is slated to perform at three shows back to back. Skeng is the headliner for Baderation on Friday in Guyana along with fellow entertainers Shaneil Muir and Young Bredda. He is also slated to perform at the East Side Revival Return of Dancehall Festival at Ranch Setters in Valencia, Trinidad on Saturday and his third show will be at Space Night Club in San Fernando on Sunday.

Reportedly, on May 24 the deejay was in an altercation with the officials at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston when he was said to have been pepper-sprayed by the police. The incident that happened around 1:50 pm led to Skeng, real name Kevaun Douglas, being arrested. He was later granted bail in his own surety, with an upcoming court date on June 21 in Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree.

Townsend also said being that the situation unfolded in an “area that had a lot of security cameras”, the entire confrontation was captured and Skeng will be using this camera footage as evidence to support his defence.

However, in the light of the recent voice note, the camera footage might not be helpful if Skeng behaved as aggressively as the man explains. According to the alleged airport worker speaking in the video, Skeng arrived at the airport late for his flight and behaved very unnecessarily aggressive and even made threats.

It is said that Skeng was advised that his bleaching cream was “over the amount” so he could not take it with him on the flight, but he should take it back to his “check bag” that will be travelling underneath the plane. Skeng allegedly grabbed the product from the official’s hand and started arguing, hurling insults and expletives.

His road manager allegedly offered to remove the bleaching cream; however, the entertainer was still enraged and refused to hear what anyone, even his friends had to say.

The voicenote went on to say, the situation escalated to the point where Skeng removed his shirt while he made threats.

“One bleaching cream, regular people lose dem bleaching cream. Dem man yah mek millions. And di officer, protocols run a airport, protocols run any institution, anywhere,” the alleged airport official stated. “And dat di man cyah abide by, dan.”

He continued by stating Skeng and his “likkle crownies” felt they were wicked so things got to a point where the artiste was pepper-sprayed. Skeng allegedly only calmed down with tears and begged for a chance after he was handcuffed.

Watch/listen as the airport official speaks below.

After all the ordeal, Skeng is in Trinidad currently, check out his much-welcomed arrival on the Caribbean island below.

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