Skeng Drops “New Era” Music Video

On the heels of dropping his EP Beast Of The Era, dancehall star Skeng released a new music video for the song entitled New Era. While his mini-album is still fresh on the streaming platforms, having been released a week ago, the Spanish Town native captivates his fans with a new song that addresses the public about his infamous reputation.

The Gvnman Shift deejay, who has built quite a questionable brand for himself since his emergence into dancehall, has sparked many controversies, which are hinted at in his new song as he proclaims that he is the “King” and “Don” of his generation.


In New Era, the Ratty Gang artiste began with an intro, saying, “It’s like dem nuh see nuting yet. So, like di beginning, let there be light, darker than before….Remember good nuh man, sompn yuh neva experience, sompn u neva yet think of, like the starting of a new era. Long live the King, all hail the Don…”

In the John Coop Records-produced track, Skeng spoke about setting “the pace fi di new generation” and the controversies that filled the media while he stood in a forest. “Controversy pan di media, dat di wull a dem love in yah. When mi talk di truth, mi talk di truth and everybody see dat,” he continued. “Lyrically, physically, none a dem a nuh nobody. Talk nuff when yuh drunk, betta you did tek a Molly.” He added that while people said many things about him and described him as “frass to di max,” no one could confront him.

Watch Skeng’s New Era music video below.

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