Skeng Drops Valiant Diss ‘All Out’: LISTEN

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 6:59 AM

Given the rumours about dancehall artistes Skeng and Valiant feuding, it should be no surprise that a diss track has been released by one of the artiste’s. So far, after the confrontation at a recent event, the camps of both entertainers seemed to be taking shots at each other on social media.

The diss track, entitled All Out, was uploaded to Skeng’s YouTube account on Wednesday and is a little over two minutes long. The intro of the song features an irate individual addressing someone, “Stop ramp wid mi chargie. Sometime mi nah run nuh joke dawg…mi bruk yuh b**bocl**t.”


Plus the song’s cover image shows a garbage bag and a baseball cap on the ground, which seemingly refers to Valiant’s “katch e hat” slang.

Skeng – All Out

In the song Skeng sings, “A weh di f**k dem a talk bout, a wi a march out, face wi guh carve out…a try diss and dem know man dark out, war mi go all out.”

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“Better watch di word dem weh yuh utter likkle nerd…get toxicated and polute di earth…run up and knock it…easy back bun two spliff and relax, call the shots real don dadda dats facts..” he continued in the track.

Listen to the full diss track below:

However, many dancehall clash fans are not taking the bait. Popular social media page Questimesofficial uploaded the track to Instagram and many said that due to the lack of any ‘critical hit’ lyrics directed at Valiant, the diss song is weak.

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Additionally, some fans are also saying that the beef between the two artistes seems staged.

“Feel like issa plan thing stillz,” someone said. Another pointed out, “Wtf, he ain’t said nothing in this song a this we really reach right now coming from Vado vs kartel,” and a third stated, “Honestly this weak.”

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